For The Sake of Love

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For The Sake of Love If you have a room that’s 50x50x50, and you fill it with an object that’s 50x50x50, how do you fit anything else in? If G-d is Infinite, and fills every iota of every dimension of reality, how is there space for us? But is this actually a question? After all, G-d is G-d; you can’t measure the Divine in spatial terms. So who thinks of G-d taking up space? G-d is Infinite, filling all dimensions of existence, including space, time etc. So G-dliness, which is the powerful truth that “I, G-d, am the Creator, the Eternal Source of Everything” should totally overwhelm and eclipse our very existence. How do we exist as independently as we do? Let’s go back to the beginning of time. Actually, let’s go back before the existence of time. Close your eyes and imagine: G-dliness fills every iota of every dimension of existence. There is nothing but G-d. Now, a ‘desire’ arises within G-d. G-d wants something that’s not totally surrendered to the Divine Oneness. Something that feels independent. Within that absolute Oneness reality, G-d wants to create people like us. G-d wants us to feel our own existence as absolute, with the ability to choose whether to allow Him into our lives, or even whether to believe He exists. G-d wants us to feel like we’re living in a ‘G-dliness vacuum.’ But can there actually be such a vacuum ? G-d is the very stuff of existence. G-d is reality, so He’s not going to remove Himself from Himself. So, G-d does something awesome. While G-d’s essence stays put, He sucks in his overwhelming presence. Sometimes, you’re with a group of people and there’s ‘room’ for everyone to express themselves. Other times, someone’s expressing themselves in a way that ‘takes up all the space’, leaving no room for others’ expression. Well, G-d ‘sucked in’ His ‘expression,’ pulling back His overwhelming Presence and creating what we feel as a vacuum. G-d made space for us. Why? So that we could – and would - voluntarily choose to have a relationship our beloved Creator. That’s the point of it all. So take a step back and consider the drama that predates our existence. One partner decides to voluntarily make space for the other so that each can choose to voluntarily embrace each other and become one. It’s all about the love Shabbat Shalom! Rabbi Yanky Klein

This email is In Loving memory of my dear father R' Yerachmiel Binyamin Halevi ben R, Menachem Klein OBM

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