The Kleins

The Kleins moved to Moscow in 2007, and are joined by their five adorable children who have already become important, and very popular, partners in their parents work. With their warm smiles and non-judgmental approach, the Klein Family has already begun setting the groundwork to build a most vibrant community in the Moscow Center Area


Mrs. Rivky Klein

Rivky was born and raised in Milan Italy. She graduated in many countries: High School in New York, her teacher’s degree majoring in Judaic Studies in Safed, Israel, followed by a year at the “Jewish Pedagogical Academy in Vienna, Austria.  With her exceptional love for children and energetic upbeat demeanor, she headed several summer programs in Connecticut, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Once back in Milan she thought at the same school she learnt as a child. Followed by a year of being a guidance counselor for teenagers in NYC.


Rabbi Yaakov Klein

Hi! I am YANKY Klein, Executive Director of The International Jewish Community of Moscow. My family and I have lived in Moscow for nine years, I’ve really enjoyed these years in the area.В I find tremendous meaning in Chabad thought, which I regularly study. I also find inspirationВ in my memories of the years I spent in the ‘orbit’ of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory. He was a very empowering person. I wish I had more time toВ spend with the friends I’ve made here. I’ve learned so much from the people who walk through our doors, I’d like to slow down and soak it in. My wife Rivky and I have five wonderful children. They too have much to teach me; G-d give me the presence of mind to be a receptive student. I feel very blessed to spend my days doing something I love, with people who are truly awesome.