The goal of Sunday Hebrew School

is to nurture within our students a love and appreciation for their Jewish heritage and a recognition that Judaism is relevant to their lives. As such, we’ve created an upbeat learning environment - passionate teachers, creative lessons, exciting activities, warm classroom spaces - where our students can explore and gain the knowledge, values, [and skills] that comprise Jewish identity.

Our program is shaped by these deep beliefs:

(1) During the years of childhood, we build life-long habits, behaviors and attitudes (2) Every child has the ability to flourish (3) Learning environment is provocative, positive and developmentally-appropriate (4) Jewish values and teachings are timeless and relevant to us all (5) Every Jew has the right to his/her birthright


Your child will have the opportunity to:

(1) Discover and explore the Torah
(2) The incredible history of the Jewish people and see its relevance in today’s life
(3) Hands-on experienceВ and appreciation for all Jewish holidays
(4) Master Hebrew skills of reading and writing
(5) Understand basic Hebrew words
(6) Allow students to express their opinions and questions about G-d, Torah and religion


Note: We are especially invigorated when we can work collaboratively with our families towards meeting this goal.